Country Boy Brewing / Good People Design Review

I gotta love Country Boy as I am also from Lexington Kentucky. Especially love this hood they have hangin in their Brewery, good song and fantastic typography.

One thing I’ve thought needed work though was the truck on their logo.

IMG_0287I like simplicity, but this is either way too simple or just doesn’t fill the space enough for me. I feel like the similar Good People Brewing Company’s logo is more successful. Maybe something between the two, would work better for Country Boy.

GoodPeopleCans2The rest of Country Boy’s can design is solid, I like the halftone photos, and… is that guy screaming as he’s casting? How angry is he at those fish, what did they do to him?

To see more of designs by the people who did the Country Boy labels visit shatterbox studios I believe they are the ones who created it.

As for the Good People Brewing Co. cans, aren’t they fantastic? Classic, vintage look. Simple and detailed at the same time. Love them. They were designed by Roy Burns of lewiscommunications. There is a interview he did with HOW a while back.

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