Largo Brown Ale Package Design Review

So to start off this blog I feel like it would be more fair to review one of my own labels, than dive into another persons designs. Largo Brown Ale, is one of the three labels I recently designed for Largo Brewing Company. I will post the others later. After conversations with their head of marketing and my great friend Thomas Barris we decided to go for a throw back look. We wanted it to seem like this brewery has always been part of Largo Florida’s history. I started looking at vintage beer labels and mimicked the bold simplicity and added random words like “select flavor” and “famous taste.” Then punched it up with a screaming pantone 1655 orange, like a road cone urging you to stop. In the lower circle is the City of Largo seal making it a part of the local heritage. We printed the label on a clear sticker and underprinted the art with white. I’m pretty happy with this one, I maybe got a little lazy with the swash under largo? If you have any critiques please let me know in the comments.


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