Americana Golden Ale Package Design Review

Another one of my own designs, this one out of Barley Mow Brewing Company. I actually think this beer idea may have started out as a joke. They wanted to sell a lighter craft beer with a price point closer to bud light. The brewery and I wanted to go full blown eagle t-shirt wearin, flag wavin Merica (F**** Yeah!). I came up with a pretty sweet tagline of “let Freedom Brew”, even put ‘Born in the USA’ on there haha. Wait for it that’s not all, it pairs with grilled wings, apple pie, and liberty! love it.

americana golden ale beer label barley mow donald ambroziak design ambrosia

The general layout was put in place when I first worked with them on the re-branding of the brewery. Americana along with the quackalope ipa were the first to be screenprinted on ball cans. My major critique of myself here is that you can’t read Americana by looking straight at it (or the Brewery name, but its written again on the side with their logo).

What are your thoughts or critiques? Let me know in the comments.

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